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Performance & Quality Improvement

The Free Will Baptist Children’s Home staff is committed to providing quality care for all of the children we serve.  We accomplish this through a PQI Plan as a part of our accreditation process with the Council on Accreditation. We are committed to ensuring timely, periodic and organized reviews of the quality of our services. These reviews enable us to implement needed changes to ensure this quality of care. We value stakeholder feedback and you can comment on the contact tab of this website.  

2018-2019 PQI Activities



  • In accordance with the annual plan to improve staff training & efficiency & in response to training needs on staff surveys the following items have been completed:

    • Leadership/Team Building/Communication training was held for all staff in November 2018

    • Director of Residential Care and Director of Foster Care completed TCI training in February 2019

    • Outcomes measurement training was presented by Gary Lee, CEO at the March 2019 staff meeting

    • Trained Children’s Services Administrative assistant in KaleidaCare in January 2019


  • In response to staff surveys concerning recycling, in November 2018 larger bins were placed in cottages and signs were placed over all bins noting what items can be recycled.   


  • In response to staff surveys for more recognition, there will be recognitions in each 2019 general staff meeting.  


  • January – perfect attendance at 2018 staff meetings 

  • February – recognition of cottage parents

  • March – recognition of Residential Case Managers during National Social Worker’s month


  • In response to staff surveys recommending a Christmas club savings plan, a savings plan was implemented through the local bank in February 2019.


  • In response to Foster Parent surveys on MAPP training, hold monthly refreshers during foster parent meetings to aid in retention of material beginning February 2019.


  • In response to residential case record review reporting requirements of medical assessments for youth admissions within 24 hours, if a nurse is not available, assessments will be done at the local urgent care center.


  • In response to Bridge Learning Center case record review to better meet educational needs of youth, BLC director will obtain grades from the school & maintain contact with the family regarding the youth’s educational needs.


  • In response to Foster Care Fire/Disaster Drill requirements, Director of Foster Care will send RapidCast message reminders to all foster parents with youth in the home to remind them to conduct drills when required.

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