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Performance & Quality Improvement

The Free Will Baptist Children’s Home staff is committed to providing quality care for all the children we serve.  We accomplish this through a PQI Plan as a part of our accreditation process with the Council on Accreditation. We are committed to ensuring timely, periodic, and organized reviews of the quality of our services. These reviews enable us to implement needed changes to ensure this quality of care. We value stakeholder feedback, and you can comment on the contact tab of this website.  

2021-2023 PQI Activities


  • In response to a review of campus security, safety, and staff surveys:

    • Campus view security cameras and door locking devices for the Administration Building were installed in December 2021.

    • Active Threat training was held for all staff by Nash County Sheriff’s Office in October 2022

    • 2 AED devices will be placed in central locations on both sides of campus Spring 2023 with a plan to install more devices. Staff CPR training includes AED device training and will be supplemented with annual AED staff training.


  • In response to staff surveys for more staff recognition:

    • General staff meetings for 2023 include a time of recognition for various groups of employees to cover the entire agency throughout the year.

    • Supervisors were given guidelines for how to recognize their staff on a regular basis as well as a list of special recognition days in March 2023.


  • In response to a need for more specific training:

    • 4 staff members now have CPR/First Aid teaching certification with bi-monthly classes scheduled.

    • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trainings were scheduled more frequently, and additional staff were trained as instructors in January 2023.

    • A group of 12 agency staff were chosen to participate in a year-long leadership training cohort which began in July 2022.

    • Several Social Workers attended a Direct Care conference in June 2022. More Direct Care staff will attend the same conference in 2023.


  • In response to a need for greater compliance for both training and tracking child specific needs:

    • The agency added the Relias Online training platform with monthly scheduling of specific training by position and department in January 2021.

    • The agency began using Extended Reach as the childcare database for Foster Care & Adoptions, Independent Living as well as Alternative Family Placement.


  • In response to the need for PreK preparation for kindergarten and parent satisfaction surveys:

    • Bridge Learning Center added PreK assessments at regular intervals.

    • Bridge Learning Center partnered with Nash County Public Schools program to ensure a more seamless transition into kindergarten.

    • More events were added for family interactions (i.e., Fall Festival October 2022, Christmas Party 2022, Open House prior to each school year).


  • In response to the need for better therapeutic options and assessments and better service to clients:

    • Alternative Family Placement implemented several new assessments focused on substance abuse, commercial sexual exploitation, trauma, and strength-based skills.

    • Alternative Family Placement partnered with local community-based therapy options to ensure a more seamless process for therapy.

    • Alternative Family Placement reoriented programing to serve a higher number of Middle School age placements.


  • In response to the need for more specific measurement of program outcomes and program review:

    • All programs created person-centered logic models naming specific inputs and activities as well as what outputs were produced, and outcomes measured by the program to ensure quality service delivery.

    • All programs monitor and report quarterly on safety, medication review for compliance, client record review for compliance, grievances, referrals, admissions, and discharges.


  • In response to youth surveys:

    • Menu items were reviewed and revised in 2022.

    • Staff ability to cook was added to Direct Care performance evaluations.

    • Additional focus was added to provide for more sibling interaction when they live in different cottages.

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