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Thrive Independent Living

Who We Are:


Thrive Independent Living focuses on youth (ages 18 and up) in foster care who are seeking support as they transition into independent adulthood. Thrive's goal is to provide youth people with a healthy, stable, and secure environment in which they can develop skills necessary to move into permanent independence. We provide apartments on campus for Thrive youth to live in. 

The Need: 

Older youth in foster care often find themselves struggling to adapt to adulthood. They may find themselves without a stable support system to help them navigate their way through finding housing, higher education, and career-minded employment. Thrive seeks to provide these young people with a dedicated coach and resources to guide them in this new phase of their lives. 

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​​Thrive Goals:

Studies show that foster youth who remain in care beyond their 18th birthday are more likely to leave care with better housing, education, and employment opportunities, verses youth people who exit care at the same age. Our goal is to provide a framework for young adults to develop the skills and connections necessary for them to successfully transition into independence. 

  • Provide weekly encouragement, planning, and accountability sessions with a dedicated Thrive coach

  • Assist in obtaining driver's license and self-supported transportation within 30 days

  • Help participants further their education or acquire career-minded employment, apprenticeship, or schooling in conjunction with part-time work within 45 days

Each Apartment Will: 

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Enable up to 2 youth to have their own bedroom and a shared bathroom

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Feature shared living, kitchen, and laundry areas

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Provide youth with the benefits of living independently, while providing them with support

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