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Imagine never having a bed to call your own. Imagine not having food to eat each day. Imagine living on your own for days at a time because your mom disappeared - again. For some of our young people, this has been their reality. Thankfully, it is now their past. Today, they have their own bed and bedroom in which to sleep each night, more food than they can eat at each meal and the security of having cottage parents caring for them daily. 

Our Rewriting Stories campaign to build two new residential cottage on campus will enable our young people to have a safe, welcoming home perhaps for the first time in their lives. 

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In this campaign, we will:

house 2.jpg

Build two new updated open-concept homes 

Ensuring our young people get to experience the security that comes with a true home and family during an unstable time in their lives. 

house 2.jpg

Design and create improved living, dining and kitchen areas

Aiding in the development of life skills such as cooking, budgeting and healthy relationships.

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Provide bedrooms and shared bathrooms for up to 12 young people

Enabling normalcy for our teens, as well as dignity and respect. 

We must update our life-changing residential homes.

Deans and Smith, our two oldest residential cottages, were built in 1953. While these cottages currently provide a structure for safety, they fall significantly short of being able to provide the home atmosphere conducive to a truly healing environment. They do not currently meet the needs of today's family. They have ongoing maintenance issues, and the institutional layout hinders our young people from living with cottages parents in a setting fit for a family. They're simply no longer adequate. 

Learn more about how you can get involved today. Contact Gary Lee, President/CEO at or 252-235-2161.

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