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Enrolling Now for Fall 2021 Prekindergarten! 

Register your 4 year old today for our all-day, curriculum based PreK. We also accept 5 year old children who will miss the Kindergarten birthday cut-off. Give your child a head start on their education with Bridge Learning Center. Contact us today at 252-966-2207 or to enroll your child in PreK.


Bridge Learning Center offers all-day, curriculum-based PreK for children 4 years old, as well as 5 year olds who miss the Kindergarten birth date cutoff. PreK students will learn educational basics and cooperative learning skills. 


Bridge LC provides before/after school and summer program serving PreK-5th grade children in our community. We offer a safe environment in which our students thrive. Bridge Learning Center accepts Child Care Vouchers.


To work together as a family (administration, staff, and parents) to provide the best environment for each child. To build positive relationships with the community. To nurture the children in all aspects of development including: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development.


  • PreK ($100/wk)

  • Curriculum Based Lessons

  • Crafts & Activities

  • Daily Devotion

  • Healthy Lunch & Snacks Provided

  • Recreation Time (indoor & outside)

  • Educational Centers


  • K-5th Grade ($125/wk)

  • Structured Daily Schedule

  • Dedicated Time for Remote Learning

  • Pre-Arranged Tutoring Available

  • Educational Support from BLC Staff

  • Daily Devotion

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Recreation Time (indoor & outside)

  • Educational Centers

  • Fun Activities & Crafts


  • Transportation Provided To & From School

  • All-Day Program on Teacher Workdays

  • All-Day Program for Spring & Christmas Break

  • Daily Devotion

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Recreation Time (indoor & outside)

  • Educational Centers

  • Fun Activities & Crafts


  • Educational Activities

  • Games & Crafts

  • Lunch & Snacks Provided

  • Weekly Field Trips

  • Daily Devotion

  • Weekly Swimming

  • Recreation Time (indoor & outside)

Contact Bridge Learning Center Director

Sherri Edmundson for enrollment information.

252-966-2207 or