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Needs & Wishes

(updated 5/24/2024)

After hours donation trailer is available. Place donated items in the small white trailer in the Administrative building parking lot any day of the week. For a tax deduction/gift-in-kind form, contact us at 252-235-2161. Most needed items are in red. 


Household Items:

_Trash bags (13 gallon kitchen bags)

_Trash bags (30 gallon heavy duty bags)

_Trash bags (4 gallon for bathroom trash cans)

_Kitchen hand towels and dish cloths

_Laundry detergent (liquid)

_Fabric softener

_Dryer sheets

_Cleaning sponges

_Scouring pads

_Disinfectant spray

_Spray air fresheners 

_Multi-purpose cleaning spray

_Bathroom cleaner

_Tile cleaner

_Toilet brush sets


_Floor cleaner

_Oven cleaner

_Kitchen sponges

_Dishwasher detergent/pods 

_Cleaning sponges

_Oven mitts/pot holders

_Dusting/cleaning cloths

_Bona brand hardwood floor cleaner/cloth pads

_Hand soap

_Paper towels

_Paper plates (all sizes)

_Paper bowls

_Plastic cups

_Plastic forks

_Food storage bags (gallon)

_Food service non-latex gloves

Personal Items:

_Bath towels (all colors)

_Bath wash cloths (all colors)

_Bathroom hand towels (all colors)

_Plastic clothing hangers

_Laundry baskets

_Men's body wash

_Men's deodorant (non-gel)

_Ladies deodorant 

_Ladies body wash

_Hand lotion


_Combs/Brushes (all hair types)

_Full size sheet sets (new in packaging)

School Supplies:

_Mechanical pencils

_24 pack crayons

_Colored pencils

_Full-size bookbags

_Wireless earbuds

*Please NO one subject notebooks or packs of loose-leaf paper​​

Special Projects:

_Playground Equipment Fund 

Recreational Items:

_Fast food gift cards ($10 each) - Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Zaxby's, Wendy's, etc.

_Cottage activity gift cards - AMC or Regal Theaters, Rainbow Lanes (Clayton), Westview Lanes (Wilson), Galaxy Fun Park (Wake Forest), Adventure Landing (Raleigh) 

*Gift Cards are greatly appreciated to buy perishables and items not received. (Wal-Mart, Food Lion, Sam’s Clubs, etc.)

*The Children's Home does not currently accept donations of used toys, clothing, shoes, bedding, furniture, or household goods. We are not currently accepting food items. The Donation Trailer is open seven days a week for donations. Cottage parents are not able to accept donations at any time.

*Please contact us at 252-235-2161 or for additional information.




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