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Executive Team

Gary Lee - President/CEO

Richard Cuddington, Jr. - Vice President of Operations

Terry Ford - Vice President of Administration

Betty Davis - Human Resources Manager

Donnie Bass - Director of Facility Services 

Tameka Batchelor - Director of Foster Care & Adoptions

Chris Coleman - Director of Thrive Independent Living

Sherri Edmundson - Director of Bridge Learning Center

Maurice Holmes - Director of Residential Care




Board of Directors

Rev. Johnny Sullivan, Chairperson

Dr. Josh Whitfield, Vice Chairperson

Sherry Askew, Secretary

Laura Buddin, Assistant Secretary

Rev. Duane Casey, Member at Large

Katherine Alphin

Pamela Braxton

Gary Faircloth

Lisa McLawhorn

Rev. Eric Narron 

Judy Roberson

Dr. Todd Sutton

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